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Richard Bickwell, Vice President, Marketing,
Universal Studios Home Entertainment Canada

With a relaxed, yet focused teaching style, flexible schedule and an unflappable, good natured personality, Emilie has been the perfect solution to our training needs. Scheduling our lessons during the lunch period made for a great break from the ordinary day and a fantastic opportunity for the staff to interact with each other in a fun, yet educational environment. Emilie's patience and experience translated into a custom learning curve for each student, with clear progress shown in a very short space of time.

Gary Vachon,
Vice President, Marketing

Originally we contracted CFI to provide French language training for our merchandising department. This program has been extremely successful and is now implemented across the home office. Feedback from stores and students has been very positive.

Allison King
Installation Services, Home Depot of Canada Inc. Toronto, Ontario

Emilie's French class is a wonderful program and has been such a positive growing experience for me. There are lessons I learned that I put to use each day. I now feel stronger and better equipped to handle the day-to-day issues that arise with my French stores. Emilie has been a tremendous source of information. As an educator, she created a comfortable atmosphere in which learning is a gratifying experience. She made it possible for me to learn French while at work. I can't imagine that I would have gotten this kind of direct knowledge by going through a traditional program. Emilie fosters a learning environment that is tailored to the needs of the students. I have and will continue to strongly recommend Emilie's French class to anyone who asks. Merci!

Marc Wolff,
National Sales Manager

I thoroughly enjoy my French classes. Emilie's relaxed class setting makes the language easy and enjoyable to learn. The material is always interesting and is geared to our industry. Emilie's patience and ability to facilitate each student's need is a definite asset to our company.

Previous and Present companies

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  • Canadian Credit Union association (CCUA)
  • DuPont Canada
  • GIrl Guides of Canada
  • Buck or Two, Toronto, Ontario
  • Shared Technologies, Ontario
  • Allstate Insurance Company, Markham, Ontario
  • Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO) Toronto
  • Imagine Canada, Toronto, Ontario
  • Motorola Canada, Markham, Ontario
  • Nature Conservancy Canada (NCC), Toronto, Ontario
  • Pafco Insurance Company, Markham, Ontario
  • Saatchi & Saatchi, Toronto, Ontario
  • State Street, Toronto, Ontario
  • Universal Studios Music Canada, Toronto, Ontario